Repetition Action Counting Dataset

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We introduce a novel repetition action counting dataset called RepCount that contains videos with significant variations in length and allows for multiple kinds of anomaly cases. These video data collaborate with fine-grained annotations that indicate the beginning and end of each action period. Furthermore, the dataset consists of two subsets namely Part-A and Part-B. The videos in Part-A are fetched from YouTube, while the others in Part-B record simulated physical examinations by junior school students and teachers.

Dataset Format

This dataset consists of two subsets namely Part-A and Part-B. For part-A, we collected 1041 videos from YouTube. The type of actionsincludes workout activities (squatting, pulling-up, frontraising, etc.), athletic events (rowing, pommel horse, etc.) and other repetitive actions (soccer juggling). For Part-B, we record the videos of exercise such as sitting- and pulling-up done by volunteers. It is constructed for the validation of model generalization. In brief, we provide 1451 videos collaborated with 19280 annotations. The videos from our dataset havea n average length of 39.359 seconds.

Data info:
  • The RepCount Part-Adataset divide into trian set ,valid setandtest set. The RepCount Part-Bdataset only contains a test set that is used to test generalization.
  • The videos information includes the URL of source video, action type and total number of frames.
  • The labels are mainly composed of count and location where count indicates the number of reptition action and location indicates the position of each cycle on the time axis.
  • You can use the open-source script YouTube download to to download source videos. In addition, you can use the official script to edit them to keep only useful clips.


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