Yuting Xiao(肖宇廷)


Master student at ShanghaiTech University
Advised by Prof. Shenghua Gao
Email: xiaoyt@shanghaitech.edu.cn
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Research Interests

  • Image Generation
  • Anomaly Detection
  • Segmentation
  • About Me

    I am a PhD candidate at the School of Information Science and Technology at ShanghaiTech University, supervised by Prof. Shenghua Gao. I am interested in computer vision and deep learning, especially image generation, anomaly detection, segmentation, etc. Before coming to ShanghaiTech University, I received a BEng. Degree from Hunan University.


    [2020/12/02] 1 paper is accepted by AAAI 2021 .
    [2020/08/09] 1 paper is accepted by ECCV 2020 .
    [2020/01/07] 1 paper is accepted by ISBI 2020 .
    [2019/09/20] 1 paper is accepted by TMI .
    [2019/08/14] 1 paper is accepted by MICCAI 2019 .


    Amodal Segmentation Based on Visible Region Segmentation and Shape Prior
    Yuting Xiao, Yanyu Xu, Ziming Zhong, Weixin Luo, Jiawei Li, Shenghua Gao

    Accepted by AAAI 2021 [Paper] [Code]

    Encoding Structure-Texture Relation with P-Net for Anomaly Detection in Retinal Images
    Kang Zhou* Yuting Xiao*, Jianlong Yang, Jun Cheng, Wen Liu, Weixin Luo, Zaiwang Gu, Jiang Liu, Shenghua Gao

    Accepted by ECCV 2020 [Paper] [Code] [* indicates equal contribution]

    Open-Sset OCT Image Recognition With Synthetic Learning
    Yuting Xiao, Shenghua Gao, Zhengjie Chai, Kang Zhou, Tianyang Zhang, Yitian Zhao, Jun Cheng, Jiang Liu

    Accepted by ISBI 2020 [Paper]

    Noise Adaptation Generative Adversarial Network for Medical Image Analysis
    Tianyang Zhang, Jun Cheng, Huazhu Fu, Zaiwang Gu, Yuting Xiao, Kang Zhou, Shenghua Gao, Rui Zheng, Jiang Liu

    Accepted by TMI [Paper]

    SkrGAN: Sketching-rendering Unconditional Generative Adversarial Networks for Medical Image Synthesis
    Tianyang Zhang, Huazhu Fu, Yitian Zhao, Jun Cheng, Mengjie Guo, Zaiwang Gu, Bing Yang, Yuting Xiao , Shenghua Gao, Jiang Liu

    Accepted by MICCAI2019 [Paper]